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YARD SALE TO BENEFIT BICYCLE THE DONATION DOG Bicycle has raised thousands of dollars in donations for many charities. He was recently diagnosed with a condition like megaesophagus, which means his esophagus doesn't work properly, causing him to regurgitate and aspirate on food /water that comes up. If he aspirates, he will get aspirate pneumonia. The only way to prevent (as much as possible) aspiration pneumonia is by feeding him in a Bailey Chair and having him sit in the chair for 30-45 minutes each meal, which allows gravity to take the food/water to his stomach. Bike's medical costs (including two trips to the emergency hospital) have created extreme financial hardship. To find out more about Bicycle and his condition visit his Facebook page: http://Facebook.com/bicyclethedog To contribute even a few dollars toward his expenses: http://bicycle.chipin.com/bicycles-health-fund or http://PayPal.com "To" jen@twodogspaws.com or contact Family Dog and Cat Hospital (626)303-2300


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