How To Post... And Not Get Suspended

Or worse: Deleted!

Written by Danielle Masterson

Here at Patch, we love community involvement and debate. After all, it's what Patch is built on. Without community contributors, we wouldn't have this wonderful neighborhood feel right here on our computers and devices. 

But, how can you can talk on Monrovia Patch without getting yourself deleted or suspended by that "mean new Patch admin who emailed me this week?" 

It's simple. Follow the Patch Terms of Service. 

When you all signed up, you agreed to a series of terms, which you can re-read here --> monrovia.patch.com/terms. While we don't beg you to use your real name, it sure would be nice. And while it's funny to use names that would offend other people, it would be neighborly to use an alias that is harmless to others. And we want to be neighborly, right? 

Now, here comes the important part: 

Patch is not here for personal vendettas. It's here for news and community debate/conversations. So if Patch admins see personal vendettas and stuff that doesn't involve the entire community? Chances are that admin is going to just delete it. If you need to have those conversations? Take it offline. 

Here are other reasons why you may be deleted or suspended or by a Patch admin, or by a user: 

Your post or comment: 
1) is abusive, profane, defamatory; 
2) infringes on copyright; 
3) violates privacy; 
4) threatens or harasses; 
5) is violent; 
6) is illegal; 
7) is spam; 
8) is a virus; 
9) is inaccurate or misleading. 

Remember, opinions are not misleading, they are welcome on Monrovia Patch. So is debate. So, debate away, Monrovia! Just leave the name-calling and personal vendettas out of it. 



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