JPL Bear Wants to Go to Mars

A bear that was spotted Tuesday morning at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is apparently answering questions over Twitter.

A 200-pound black bear was spotted at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Tuesday morning, according to this Reuters article.

A spokesman for JPL told Reuters that the bear visit was the second one observed on the property in the last decade, and noted that employees had been advised to stay indoors on Tuesday.

Since the bear's spotting, he's also made a debut on Twitter: somebody has taken to tweeting under the account @JPL_Bear.  As of 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, the account has more than 140 followers, and the "bear" is actively answering questions.

His account states that the bear is "looking for a way to Mars."

Earlier this month, a Monrovia resident shot footage of a . Blogger Brad Haugaard shot these phots of a bear while cycling in Canyon Park. There was no indication that they harbored any intentions of space travel.



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