Community Wildfire Protection Plan: What's Important to You?

One of several community input meetings about the city's Community Wildfire Protection Plan is scheduled for Monday.

From the a city news release:

Fire season is a year-round reality in Monrovia. It is for this reason combined with the expansive wildland areas in the City’s foothills that has prompted the Monrovia Fire Department to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

Residents have the opportunity to provide input on this community plan in several community meetings, the first of which is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Monday, October 22 at the City Council Chambers, 415 S. Ivy Avenue.

"Through the Monrovia Community Wildfire Protection Plan, residents will have an opportunity to provide feedback that is critical as we incorporate best management practices to ensure we take every reasonable action to prevent brush fires and reduce the impacts should  we have a  local brush fire event," Monrovia Fire Chief Chris Donovan said.

Residents are being asked to help make this a community plan by coming and voicing their thoughts, priorities and insights regarding best management practices as they relate to urban-interface wildfires.

"Communities that abut the urban interface, like Monrovia, know all too well that the threat of brush fire is real," Chief Donovan said. "Even though the City has worked hard to protect our residents, proactive community planning, fuel reduction and building sustainably is still a top priority."

For more information, contact Audra Tellez at (626) 256-8102, or visit the City’s website at www.cityofmonrovia.org.


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