VIDEO: Officers Scare a Bear Back Into the Foothills

The persistent creature wanted to stick around a Glendora neighborhood Friday but finally left.

Police had their hands full Friday afternoon when a large bear went wandering around a Glendora residence until it eventually headed back into the wilderness.

Kate K. October 22, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Of course the bear will return again! The video showed how many avocado trees are on that property. If the homeowners don't like the bears, they need to get rid of the avocado trees (and other fruit trees). Otherwise, they get avocados AND bears (...plus raccoons, opossums, rats, etc.). Living safely with the bears is a skill, but not a difficult one to learn. Another solution: People who are uncomfortable living with suburbanized wild animals should not shop for, rent or buy homes in the foothills. The animals are NOT going away, they are adapting to us being here: We need to adapt to them, too.


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