This is How Monrovia Watches the Oscars

Where will you watch the Oscars? Are you throwing a party with friends? Getting comfy in pajamas and takeout? Or is it just another night for you?

The 85th Academy Awards show is Sunday, and with it comes the recognition of movies that have run us through the gamut of history, emotion and imagination.

How do you watch the Oscars? Patch wants to highlight Academy Awards party traditions in Monrovia. Share your Oscars-watching routine in the comments. Bonus points if you have a photo to share of past celebrations.

Here's how Monrovia Patch Facebook users are watching the Hollywood event:

  • Bj Trainor: Ernie, our CBO, will be sitting in "The Dog's Life" living room here at Wonder Dog Ranch with all his dog friends -- we got very excited the year that Uggie ( Consider Uggie ) was on stage as part of the cast of The Artist. Ernie thinks he should be a presenter this year!
  • Susan Shurtleff: Just another night for me
  • Kathleen Kreinkamp Clark: Reading a good book, while listening to music or a show dvr'ed earlier.
  • Shannon Milazzo: I will be working the Oscars so no watching for me.

Visit the Academy Awards website for a list of all nominees in each of the 24 categories.

Hosting an Oscar party? Here are some fun tips. And the nominees are:

  • The Huffington Post offers 10 free printables for your party. Print an awards ballot and test your Hollywood savvy against your friends’.
  • Whether you gather around the TV with your glasses of wine or leave it on for background noise, the Academy Awards show is a great excuse to drink— the celebrities are certainly imbibing. Make the awards more fun with an Oscar party drinking game.
  • If you need a few snacks for your shindig, the Hollywood Reporter offers four easy Oscar party recipes for brown butter popcorn, sriracha lime popcorn, Champagne cocktails and homemade ice cream sandwiches.
  • You don’t have to be famous to join this celebrity-clad event. Buy disposable cameras and scatter them around your place. Requiring your guests come dressed in their red carpet best can make for Oscar-appropriate images. If you really want to go overboard, you can take Vanity Fair’s lead and rent a photo booth like it does for its Oscar party each year.
R. Ray Morford February 25, 2013 at 05:30 PM
The Oscar fiasco is not worth watching. Fake Reality. Good films are far and few between. My wife and I recently viewed a film "SAFE HAVEN." It is a quality film speaking to real life. I urge you all to see it.


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