'Action on Film Festival' to Invade Monrovia

The festival will feature 12 films, shorts and documentaries from local filmmakers beginning Friday, August 17.

Monrovia will host its first-ever film festival this weekend, inviting local filmmakers to show a dozen films, shorts and documentaries as part of the "Action on Film Festival" at .

Employees, volunteers, and students from the Monrovia ROP Program produced the 12 films in collaboration with Community Media of the Foothills.

Tickets to the festival can be purchased online by visiting the AOF website.

Marlene Gibb provided the following descriptions of the locally made films at AOF:

  • Killer in the Mirror is a short narrative thriller produced by Mario Antillion. It is combination of present and past flashbacks with a twists and turns for the movie buffs. Mario is a Monrovia resident and KGEM volunteer. The film will be airing in the 6 PM Time Block.
  • Three Sisters, a short documentary of the Maryknoll order, who have resided in Monrovia for almost 80 years. Their missionary stories are told through three retired, but active sisters, who work through God as you see their lives unfold. The film was produced by Justin Bowman, a Monrovia resident. The film will be airing in the 7 PM Time Block.
  • Heart of Flying: The WASPS WWII is a short documentary of Beverly Bessemyer, a woman pilot during WWII and what the WASPS meant to her.  Beverly also was a flight instructor at Monrovia Airport. The film was produced by Marlene Gibb, a KGEM staffer, and a resident of Monrovia. Marlene has produced her own show on KGEM “What Do You Do? for the past 13 years. Karen Bullis, editor, won the AOF Breakthrough Director at the 2010 festival. The film will be airing in the 7 PM Time Block.
  • Beholden is a short tense drama of sacrifice, love and commitment to a Hispanic family. Anna needs money. Not for herself; for her son. The father says no. Swears he’s got none. Some men show up. They have a gun. This short was produced and shot by David Gibb and was a student entry at Chapman University. David grew up in Monrovia and has volunteered at KGEM. Beholden premiered at Cameralmage in Poland as one of only two American short films. This film will be airing in the 7 PM Time Block.
  • Waking Universe: Impressions of Susan Dobay is a short documentary of local Monrovia area artist Susan Dobay. Jeanne Johnson is the editor of this short. She is a resident of Monrovia. The film will be airing in the 7 PM Time Block.

On August 18th, the following films will be shown in the 9 PM Block Time:

  • Six String Samurai is the first feature film of Lance Mungia. It played and won awards at several international film festivals including Toronto International Film Festival and Slamdance Film Festival. It was released theatrically by Palm Pictures and Lions Gate. Six String Samurai is a post apocalyptic road film that assumes WWIII was fought in 1957 and the Russians took over the US, except for the last bastion of freedom, Lost Vegas. Now Buddy, a guitar wielding, sword swinging rock and roll samurai is on his way to Lost Vegas to take over the throne of the deposed King, Elvis. Lance is the Executive Director of KGEM and lives in Monrovia. The film will be airing in the 9 PM Block.
  • The Butcher: When the Boogeyman gets released from prison for good behavior, he decides to try to live life without randomly killing people. Produced and directed by Dave Gaw.
  • Elevator Romance: When two strangers get stuck in an elevator, what will happen when sparks begin to fly? Produced and directed by Dave Gaw. Dave Gaw is the founder and president of Try Hard Productions. Over the last decade, Dave has established himself as a creative storyteller that is comfortable and skilled in both the commercial and motion picture industries. Dave is on the KGEM Board and is a resident KGEM producer based in Monrovia... The film will be airing in the 9 PM Block.
  • The Right Turn is a coming of age comedy about the trials of dating. An insecure high school boy takes a girl out on a date and couldn't seal the deal. Adam Bain, KGEM resident producer wrote, directed and produced this short and is a Monrovia resident.

On August 19, 2012 the following films will be shown in the 4 PM Block.

  • Garden for Rio is the award winning magical realist short film by Lance Mungia that follows Rio, a retired farm laborer who plants the garden of his dreams in order to woo back his hen pecking wife. The film will be airing in the 4 PM Block. Lance is the Executive Director of KGEM and lives in Monrovia.
  • Dearly Departed is a fictional documentary interview that was shot as if we took cameras into the afterlife and interviewed the spirits of dead people to get insights into life after death. Darryl has been a guest speaker for the Producers Club and does special effects miniatures for such films as Iron Man and Star Trek. This is Darryl’s first feature film.

On August 20, 2012 the following films will be shown in the 6 PM Block

  • Raise Your Dead is short about a father who is unable to accept his daughter’s death. Pastor Bram attempts a resurrection at his church. Produced and edited by KGEM staffer Kiyomi McFarland.

Not Scheduled Yet:

  • The Mad hatter’s Tea Party, a short, produced by Aimee Rose Corson. A mad hatter’s frivolous antics turn from child’s play into group anxiety when a delicate young lady strolls uninvited into his country tea party. This was an ROP Project and included: Aimee Rose Corson, Dan Kramer, Ed Cantrell and KGEM board member Rena Delgado.
Jessika Satori August 14, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Looking forward to being in Monrovia! Check out the films offered for the 2012 AOF festival! Jessika Satori CEO, Audacious Aperture and 3rd time AOF filmmaker Ojai, CA
B Ulm August 17, 2012 at 11:35 PM
Thanks for pulling this list together - so many interesting movies to see, I can't wait!


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