April Fools: No New In-N-Out After All

A local blogger's prank fooled some into believing an In-N-Out was headed to a vacant storefront on Huntington Drive.

April Fools jokes are all fine and dandy, but not when they involve one of the most beloved burger chains in Southern California.

The Gem City Images blog posted a photo of the restaurant on Huntington Sunday showing a sign announcing that an In-N-Out would be "here soon." But the photo was apparently doctored, and this note appeared on the blog in the late afternoon:

Yes, an April fools post on April 1st. No In-N-Out sign on the building, never was," the site reads. "But...the number of views this post got in a short time, and on a Sunday, surprised me. So, In-N-Out, keep looking for a spot in town. There's a LOT of interest in having a Monrovia location.

The gag fooled the Monrovia Now blog, and probably would have fooled Monrovia Patch had this hungry editor seen it early.

A deal to bring an In-N-Out to town in the parking lot area of , but a spokesman said the company was still interested in finding a suitable spot somewhere in town. Stay tuned.

Keith April 02, 2012 at 10:15 PM
I didn't expect the attention this would generate. Like you say, people do love In-N-Out. Next time I post a photo of an "In-N-Out Here Soon" sign in town, it'll be for real.
Robert Parry April 03, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Great gag! Fooled me!
Gayle M. Montgomery April 03, 2012 at 09:11 PM
I just yelled out in the office, "Oh, Dammit!" I was so excited about the prospects of a sit-down In N Out in Monrovia, especially since they had wanted to site one across town. I still think it would be a GREAT idea. Other than the time I subbed out salt for sugar so that my mom put in two teaspoons of salt in her coffee, and my own April Fools Day wedding (no lie), this is the best prank I've seen, though I am quite unsettled it's not true, LOL.


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