Monrovia's Wonder Dog Ranch Offers Shelter to Evacuated Pets of Glendora Fire

Monrovia-based Wonder Dog Ranch, a dog day care and boarding facility, has volunteered to serve as an evacuation site for the pets of Glendora residents impacted by the fire.

Pets taken to the location need to be in crates with identification and vet records.

Wonder Dog Ranch has provided the following information for what is needed:

Identification Sheet: include your name, your dog’s name and description, address you are evacuating, location where you are going with phone number if you have it, address and telephone numbers for you and for your emergency contacts.

  • Leash, Collar and Tags with identification as well as microchip tag
  • Crate or Travel kennel (with litter box if a cat) with water bottle (or bowl)
  • Vet Records (license and vaccinations)
  • Any special instructions for your pet’s care written down labeled with pet’s name
  • Food and Water (enough for three days)
  • Doo bags

Optional: Familiar blanket (that you may not get back) for your pet
Label all materials with your name, the pet’s name and your phone number

You may not have all these things available -- but don’t delay when you get an evacuation order: when it is time to go, use whatever is practical, like a belt or a tie as a leash. When you need to - GO! When you have recovered and get back home, make it a priority to prepare a kit for you and each pet and be ready for next time.

When you leave your pet at a shelter, keep with you:

  • Copies of Photos (one of your pet and one with you with your pet)
  • Copies of Vet and ID records
  • Location and phone number of place where you left your pet
  • Take a picture of you with your dog when you are at the evacuation shelter if you can.

Wonder Dog Ranch will take dogs, cats, birds, and small mammals if in self-contained crates. Dogs already enrolled at Wonder Dog Ranch will be allowed in the cage-free areas for exercise and relaxation; others will be taken out of their crates individually as time allows. There is no charge for animals coming from evacuation areas.

Wonder Dog Ranch is located just off the 2000 block of south Myrtle Avenue
220 Taylor Street is two blocks south of Duarte Road only on the east side of the street (RBI Systems in a white building with a blue stripe is at the corner of Myrtle and Taylor) Wonder Dog Ranch is in a tan building with a maroon stripe around the top; ring the front door bell, and please be patient for staff to answer.

rubberband January 17, 2014 at 10:49 PM
I like this place. Good advice on this article. Good job, Wonder Dog Ranch....WOof.


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