Video: Monrovia Company's Spy Drone Featured in 'Act of Valor' Movie

Aerovironment's Raven unmanned aircraft is used by Navy Seals in the new military movie "Act of Valor."

The trailer for Act of Valor bills the movie as the first major motion picture to use real Navy SEALs as actors. What it doesn't mention is that a real life flying robot from Monrovia also plays a part.

The , developed and sold by Huntington Drive tech firm , is used by the soldiers in the film for a reconnaissance mission. A soldier can be seen launching it by hand, and the film then cuts to a video feed provided by the unmanned aircraft.

Forbes.com profiled the drone last month, detailing the aircraft's many features.

Ken March 02, 2012 at 09:03 PM
But now 30,000 of them will be used to Spy on all Americans. This kind of publicity may not be desired by the local company, since it became a target being threatened as you have previously reported.


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