Video: Monrovia Teachers Rally for Prop 30

Monrovia Unified School District teachers took to the streets Thursday to urge residents to vote "Yes" on Proposition 30.

Teachers from all Monrovia schools rallied on street corners throughout the city Thursday to urge residents to pass Proposition 30, the ballot measure that would increase taxes to fund education.

Jennifer P. November 02, 2012 at 03:20 PM
I, as a parent of a fifth grade boy and second grade girl already feel so badly that my daughter completely missed out on the class size reduction that my son benefitted from at least partially. Years of students received four years of 20-1 class sizes. My daughter has had 32 in her class since kindergarten. It's a lot to expect from teachers and unfair to students. To rob my children of any additional time is a crime, yet school districts will have no choice. How are we to be competitive internationally when we already go to school less time than most other globally competitive nations and are looking to cut further. Abominable. I am definitely voting Yes on Prop 30!
Francis R. November 02, 2012 at 04:13 PM
We have a proposition labeled "Schools and Safety Protection Act" but the money is NOT GUARANTIED TO GO TO SCHOOLS! Wake up people! From the official voter guide http://voterguide.sos.ca.gov/propositions/30/ we can read: "The new tax revenues would be available to fund programs in the state budget." And then we have a governor bullying everyone with a statement during an interview: "I am ready to cut the school and safety budget in the event proposition 30 fails" Really? Is it OK to buy (sorry, "motivate") the college student's vote by promising that he will "refund" the tuition increase from the past year? Or (again) bullying them by saying that if proposition 30 doesn't pass the College system will stop accepting students next year? How about we stop the crazy "bullet-train" project and save $6 Billion dollars just on the start up project? That makes sense! But I guess it is not about making sense, it is about pinhead ideologies. Even if Mr. Brown denies it, California is failing. More and more cities go bankrupt everyday and we keep voting for the pinheads that spend our money in inappropriate ways. How long before someone starts a recall on the governor?
Leesa P. November 02, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Francis R., you clearly dont care about schools. Your upset with the govenor for the "bullett -train" but that has nothing to do with schools!! Schoools need prop. 30 to pass just to MAINTAIN their current fiscal state. I agree the governor should not be making threats, however, our schools cannot afford to loose more time! If prop. 30 does not pass, school will be ending in most local districts around May 15! Teachers and staff will loose 3 weeks of pay! It is not fair to students, teachers or staff and even though no one wants high sales tax, we must vote yes to support our schools!!
Francis R. November 02, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Leesa P., I DO care about the schools, my kid goes to Monroe Elementary. My upset with the bullet-train has a lot to do with the schools. We are talking about a budget DEFICIT, which might be in part attributed to overspending in areas NOT VITAL to our state. Teachers and staff are being THREATENED with the pay cut but they are not guaranteed their pay will stay. My biggest bet is that ANY money raised by Prop 30 will end up in the union pockets, in the general fund benefiting something else (like the bullet-train) and not much will come to the schools. It has been a trend for the past 10 years. I will support OUR schools with a different proposition, which guaranties where the money will go.
R Terry November 02, 2012 at 08:40 PM
So the schools are begging for help but we approve a $65 billion bullet train that no one but politicians are excited about. Ads on TV/radio daily encouraging people to go on food stamps. Who pays for that? I remember when I voted for the Lotto which would bring in huge bucks for the schools. But how many bills have come and gone since then that were more money for the schools yet they are still in bad shape? As I see it, does not matter what you approve, the schools will hurt as what comes in the front door for the schools goes out the back door to be wasted by politicians for something else. Therefore...there is no change. The lotto money should have made schools state of the art...what happened to that?
Gayle M. Montgomery November 02, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Ok, it appears that Mitt isn't the only one with Romnesia. Am I the only one here that remembers that, in 2008, as a state, we voted to approve the bullet train. Whether that was your position or not at the time, it was approved by the electorate and is immaterial to the dire needs of the schools and their students. We could argue that the lottery, passed in the 80s, was to be the be-all remedy, but lottery funds were commandeered for admin bonuses and for other key projects of the legislature. Further, the cost of money has increased, and I believe I understood that, due to the repressed economy, lottery sales have gone down because people do not have the same discretionary income. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to breed a state full of dummies because we decided there were 150 different reasons not to fund education. Here's the bullet train. http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/California_Proposition_1A,_High-Speed_Rail_Act_(2008)
Dan Crandell November 03, 2012 at 03:17 AM
@Gayle California Schools have been failing us for 2 decades. Even when Sacramentals had loads of money. When it ran out the thugs found the education funds easy pickins with easy found replacement. Just demand more taxes for "The Children". Brown and Prop30 were exposed as a fraud by his Lt. Gov. a few days ago. Look it up. A total revamp is required to "fix" this. Then I will chip in to support our kids. Teachers can start reform by firing their unions and working for the tax payers again. No on 30.
Gayle M. Montgomery November 03, 2012 at 03:49 AM
Dan, these kids whose education we hold hostage will be running things when, presumably, you and I will still be kicking and be counting on them to take care of things for us. I cannot see cheating them out of the money. To me, education is a sacred cow. Our kids are never going to be able to compete in this global economy. As it is, I go broke funding school supplies for two of the four grandkids. Things you and I once took for granted, like paper and writing instruments, are no longer provided. It just seems a shame. I can pick up the slack for half the grandkids, but what about the kids who have no parents or grandparents who can afford it. Not surprisingly, our votes cancel one another. I voted almost 2 weeks ago. This is another we can bat around on the 7th.
Dan Crandell November 03, 2012 at 05:43 AM
@Gayle All your passions as you've state them are the weaknesses used by the corrupt self-serving thugs we have put in "POWER" because we have been sleeping while on this mission to just get through life alive. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CORRUPTION. Now we are yelling at the top of our voices "ENOUGH" we've had enough. Because our schools are sacred cows we have been made the targets , with threats ,to feed this beast called California . I am guilty of sleeping while thugs took over our home state. My heart aches over this but I still have a vote and the drive to bring to Sacramento an honest government. This should be your direction as well. I've comment here on Patch that the residents of this State must file suite in federal court charging the State under RICO. This crap has to be STOPPED. Talk to you Wednesday
Richard November 03, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Francis R. If you don’t believe that our public schools are in a catastrophic financial condition, you are delusional. Either you have believed the big lie that they have plenty of money or you just flat out don’t care about our schools. Maybe you want good schools but you just don’t want to pay for them. Whatever, in your profound ignorance and antidemocratic attitude, it seems that you would like to make sure that in California we deny our children and people the vital programs that most Californians depend on. Yes, some of the revenues from Proposition 30 will be available to fund programs in the state budget. What’s wrong with that? Have you ever heard about our state parks system? Some of the moneys from Proposition 30 go to save them. Yes 53 million dollars was found. But that amount won’t fund the parks for more than a year. Maybe you don’t like Fort Tejon State Historic Park or Angel Island State Park for example. But these and the 70 others are our California treasures. And they make up our Commons.
Christopher Armstrong November 03, 2012 at 05:31 PM
HUGE NO on this tax increase! Its not the fault of the citizens that the Socialists in Sacramento abused and squandered the taxpayer's money and that teacher's pensions are bankrupting the system. Its time to put our foot down. Our schools have been lousy for years and it has nothing to do with lack of funding. Its mismanagement, inept administration, low IQ students, mediocre teachers and greedy teacher's unions. Ain't gonna happen people.
Dan Crandell November 03, 2012 at 08:50 PM
@Richard ... Please feel free to increase your California taxes contribution. Please tell your friends and bully them to your way of thinking. Make no mistake, some of us have drawn a line in the sand and will not cross over to your side. When the entire California Government is replaced we will come back to contribute. Richard we have been bullied by bigger thugs than you. Our State (CHILDREN) will face some set backs but to wipe out corruption we must put these thugs on notice. A federal law suite under RICO. Brown/Roth are holding our schools hostage. They have put a train ahead of our Children. Remains to be seen if anyone has the balls to pursue such a challenge. No worries ... The Brown Streak said it before and he said it again this week ... We are wealthy people. He shamed and threatened us again. No on 30.
Marg November 03, 2012 at 10:47 PM
If the bleeding hearts in CA didn't hand out benefits to all the people who do not pay a cent in taxes (you know who I mean) the state wouldn't be broke. I don't know how the pensions are working but if a teacher pays a hundred a month to belong to a union, wouldn't he or she be better off to not have a union and put that hundred in his or her retirement account?
Marg November 03, 2012 at 10:54 PM
We need longer school days and longer school years. Summer vacation was invented so kids could work in the fields with their parents. How many kids in Monrovia do that?The schools are required to provide paper and pencils for kids so they make no effort to supply their own. Even those two items supplied by students instead of schools would save money. Print on both sides when using the copier instead of just one. Make kids rent their books like we had to and see how much longer the books last. Little Johnny won't be ripping up his books anymore cause he will have to pay. How about insisting Little Johnny behave in class so when the teacher has 32 kids everyone has a chance to learn?


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