Mayoral Candidates Refuse to Debate only Republican Candidate, Kevin James

Mayoral debate postponed again. Candidates refuse to debate Republican candidate Kevin James.

Another City of LA mayoral candidate debate has been postponed.  Kevin James, who I will interview for a future article, is the only Republican in the race.  He sent out this email today:

"I have unfortunate news. The Mayoral debate scheduled for Thursday, February 23rd has been postponed, AGAIN.  We have received a tremendous amount of support and interest to attend the debate. This afternoon, however, we were just informed by the debate organizers that all of my opponents refuse to appear on the stage together. They are afraid - afraid to be held accountable by our campaign, afraid to have their ideas undergo public scrutiny.
This is precisely the problem with City Hall and why we have rampant corruption. This election should be about an open discussion of ideas, transparency, accessibility and honesty - not backroom deals and truck-loads of special interest cash.
We will have more information as we receive it, but for now please take note that the debate scheduled for Thursday has been postponed.
It is now clear that my opponents -- all of them -- will try and hide from their own failed records.  When the debate organizers asked for the publication of position papers responding to the committee's questions leading up to the first debate, I was the ONLY candidate to publish them.  All of my opponents ignored the request, choosing instead to keep their ideas (if they even have them) secret from the public.  This was our first sign that something was up in connection with the first debate.  Such conduct by my opponents is not a sign of leadership -- it is cowardice.  
We need every bit of support we can find. We need resources to get our message out and fight back against our opponents who are hiding from the public.  Please consider providing additional support to our campaign.

I promise that as your Mayor my door will always be open, my ideas will be innovative, I will have a ZERO tolerance policy for corruption, and I will host a weekly call-in radio show as Mayor where everyone will have the opportunity to have their concerns aired before the public and their questions answered.
Together, we can fix Los Angeles.


Kevin James"


Kevin will make an excellent mayor.  If you want to know more about him you can visit his web site:  http://www.kevinjamesformayor.com

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Jerry A March 07, 2012 at 08:44 AM
Who's the clown ? That was one of the funniest statements I've seen in some time on the Patch. <" For all anyone knows, he may want to help screw up education in L.A., "> Guess what Jlanes, the educations system in the LAUSD is already screwed up, big time. It's rated as one of the worse performing school districts in the country. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the L.A. City Council has much oversight on the schools. I think that's the responsibility of the LAUSD school board.
YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA March 18, 2012 at 08:43 PM
No clear lead for Los Angeles Mayoral Candidates YJ Draiman, a relatively unknown candidate for Mayor, found himself in a prime position on the lineup with an audience that was his, and he faced that opportunity by driving his point’s home with a forceful presentation that was persuasive in its delivery. In a clear demonstration of his compassion for the audience, he capitalized on opportunities to relax and revel in the supportive nature, punching campaign bullet points for the audience, challenging the current administration responsible for standing in the way of success. YJ Draiman’s vision is to make Los Angeles the World Capital of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Kevin James found himself in the unenviable position of addressing a restless audience and he turned it around by wrangling their discontent and rallying them around his observation, “As the sixth speaker, I get to listen to the others talk about what’s wrong with LA and now we get to talk about solutions. Kevin stated numerous times that only Draiman’s speech mirrored many of his points.” http://www.yjdraimanformayor.com
Michael McCue May 10, 2012 at 05:55 AM
If anyone can bring a bored audience back to life, it's Kevin James!
Draimanformayor Losangeles August 06, 2012 at 03:20 PM
Show you discontent with the present Administration at Los Angeles City Hall by voting for YJ Draiman as Mayor of Los Angeles in 2013. The enormous amount of monies raised by current elected insiders who are running for Mayor of Los Angeles proves that they sold their soul and office to the special interests and that they do not represent the people. Are the people of LA going to let those insiders buy the office of the Mayor or are they going to show some fortitude in ignoring the political deception and vote for a candidate who cares about the people and the City of Los Angeles and not sell the office to the highest bidder. Our city is in its most dire economic condition and on a verge of bankruptcy. Are the people of LA going to wake up and take back their city? When an elected official in Los Angeles performs his duties to the city for the people, he has no reason to campaign for re-election; he will be re-elected based on performance. When an elected official has to raise a fortune from special interests and campaign vigorously, it is a sign that the elected official has not performed the job and duties properly, therefore that elected official is not qualified for any office. YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2013 http://www.draimanformayor.org
Skraeling August 06, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Thisd city is not as "broke" as it says it is and the non ending news stories that it is are becoming more shill. Yet, the system is broken. We now have 15 council members, and a very weak mayoral system to govern and administer over 10 million people. By definition that simply will not work. There is too much money and is being spread around by all in office. I don't care if you are Dem or GOP, you are getting your share. Blame the unions, blame the politicians, they are what we have allowed and we vote for the same people over and over. Now, ethnicity is once again an issue as angry white people either mover to the Desert or out of state taking a tax base with them and the remains are being fought over. This Council and mayor system is simply wrong. There are states that are run efficiently with legislatures, governors, courts....It is time California and especially LA look at reality. It will never happen though...too much money in our system..ports, airports, crony contracts, etc....loose supervision of much....and now, no newspapers to expose the frauds..


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