Pinterest Tips: Why You Should Pin

Ways you can put Pinterest to good use capturing things that are of import to you.

Last week, my addiction to social media and why I have found Pinterest so intriguing. I explained Pinterest is a social media site that allows you to capture pictures, recipes, videos, and articles in one easy place and to share those with others who “pin.” It’s sort of bookmarks with a view.

What I forgot to mention is that, in addition to capturing images you find on the web, the free app for Pinterest also allows you to upload and share photos or images you have stored on your computer. I mentioned a group of us are pinning the Olympics. To date, 77 pinners have captured 1200+ images. It’s been very rewarding to see the cyber scrapbook grow and to share the experience online.

I know why I pin, but have you given thought to why you might start? I created a small board with some ideas that might inspire you.

  • MEDIA SOURCES - Many now include Pinterest as a sharing option and include the button in their send outs. Oprah, Budget Travel, and MyRecipes are examples. If you have a business and do mailings, you may want to consider offering this as an option.
  • COMMUNITY GROUPS – Scouting, church groups, and youth sports are sharing ideas and experiences as a way of helping one another, creating memories, and outreach. A group of involved parents could create a board and collaboratively share pictures as a way of commemorating the activity.
  • EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS - Colleges, universities, and school groups are sharing. It's a good way for classmates and members of fraternal organizations to keep in touch and support their alma mater.
  • CITIES - Ahem, lo and behold! Look what I found! Images from Monrovia!
  • PHILANTHROPIC INSTITUTIONS – Museums and other arts institutions are sharing images from their collections. It’s another great way to do outreach which may increase both visitors and contributions.
  • CAR ENTHUSIASTS - Are sharing images of prized motor vehicles (which could include boats, planes, and trains), offer repair tips, and even include vehicles for sale.
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS - Share images they have taken as a way to show off their skills and derive additional business.
  • REALTORS AND SELF-SELLERS - Include images of homes for sale. A smart realtor might have a set of boards showing what a great community they are marketing and many views of specific residences.
  • PARTY AND WEDDING PLANNERS - Whether a personal party, or planning an event for others, there are so many wonderful ideas available on Pinterest.
  • DO-IT-YOURSELFERS - My doctor fell in love with this board and said it reminded her of the old Hints from Heloise.
  • MIXOLOGISTS - may find lots of ideas in boards such as these.  
  • PROFESSIONALS - Educators, nurses, aestheticians, and stylists can find some wonderful ideas, for free, on Pinterest. By the same token, if you are looking for a new style, you could capture some image ideas and share with your provider.
  • SCRAPBOOKERS – Share a variety of design ideas.

In short, Pinterest has something for everyone. Why “Boomers” may even find joy in exploring the In My Life Board. It includes those things we couldn’t live without that are often no longer around. Who knew those images were just laying aroud the web capturing dust waiting for someone to shake them off and appreciate them?


So how will you put Pinterest to good use? Do you have any ideas?

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Heather S. August 09, 2012 at 05:24 PM
I love to find decorating ideas for the holidays. Fun ways to incorporate something new into our seasonal decorations. I also find so many wonderful crafts and activities to do with my boys. Recipes are abundant as well and there is always something tasty I have to try.
Maria Fajardo August 10, 2012 at 08:35 AM
Hello, Great article Gayle. As a salon owner here in downtown Monrovia. It has been a great help as you previously suggested. For the salon business to gather pertinent information on different boards. So far 24 to be exact with over 1000 pins. There is something for everyone when it comes to beauty and fashion needs. From girls and men fashion to at home skin remedies. Being a hairdresser myself how can one resist pinning the latest hair colors and latest hairstyles? I found myself that I no longer have to buy hairstyle magazines. Instead, I take the client to the salon computer and look at the appropiate Pinterest board to select the newest fringes, haircuts or hairstyles by their favorite actor or actress. I found pinning useful, fascinating and fun! Happy pinning!! Maria Fajardo Bellisima Salon & Day Spa
Gayle M. Montgomery August 10, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Hi, Maria! Thanks for the feedback. I was invited to collaboratively pin on a board that may be of value to you. When I find hairstyles I like, think others might like, or are simply unusual, I post it to the collaborative board unless it's a hair style I might like for myself. Then I put it on a separate board so that I can share it with my stylist. It may be a slight bit like one pin, a bit from another, etc., until there's a style that is perfect of my face and preferences, but it gives us a place to start to work together. Better than flipping through 50 books. Here is the collaborative one. You may wish to follow it. http://pinterest.com/doorite579/hair-styles-and-hair-fashion/ There are over 360 pinners on that one, so it runs the gamut. My more simple board is here http://pinterest.com/indigo1123/i-need-fresh-hair/ There are days I think I might go wild and add funky color, but so far, I haven't had the nerve.


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