Photos: Mama Bear and Two Cubs Napping in Foothill Tree

A homeowner in the unincorporated Kinneloa Mesa area east of Altadena found a mama bear and two cubs in his driveway early Thursday morning.

A Kinneloa Mesa resident in unincorporated Altadena went out to get his paper early Thursday morning and nearly ran into a mama bear and two cubs standing in his driveway.

The bear and two cubs decided to stick around: As of 9:30 a.m. they had climbed up into a nearby tree and were napping.

The home owners where the bears have checked in for their nap have never seen the animals before in the area, according to Mark Hammerstrom, the son-in-law of the couple who live on Edgecliff Lane in Kinneloa Mesa. Hammerstrom was admiring the dozing bears Thursday morning at the same time Patch was.

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Kinneloa Mesa is an unincorporated foothill area accessed of the eastern segment of New York Drive, just east of Altadena - it is served by County Sheriff's Department deputies from the Altadena Sheriff's Station.

According to a deputy on the scene, the State Fish and Game Department was called, but officials told the Sheriff's Department that since the area is considered a natural one, they will not be removing the bears.

The deputy on scene told Patch he will be monitoring the bears until the leave the neighborhood. Based on the above photos, it looks like it could be a while.



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