I Love My Mom Because ...

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My mom is amazing. She is funny, smart, relentless, stubborn and sassy. She's entirely unique, and I wouldn't trade her for any other mom.

I know she would do anything for me, whether it be driving an hour and a half to bring me food in college when I was too sick to leave my dorm, or chasing down Larry P. in kindergarten when he was mean to me, or buying me a car when mine was side-swiped in an accident I'd prefer to forget.

My mom faithfully packed me lunches throughout elementary school, taught me how to skip, quizzed me on spelling while I floated in our pool, took me to the library at least once a week, made a party for every major holiday throughout the year, wheeled me around to myriad tennis lessons and church activities for 17 years, sent me to the private high school that was a town away and cost more in tuition than my Master's degree, enthusiastically trekked (with flowers) to every dance concert and play I've been in (not to mention listened day-in and day-out to various songs and monologues as I got ready for these performances), makes me chocolate-covered strawberries every Valentine's Day, and is the most avid reader of my articles.

My mom taught me how to work hard, stressed the importance of being honest, and took care of me everyday. She filled my life with school, fun, dogs, plays, computer games, music, chores, car rides, shopping, learning, scrabble, camping, popcorn and so much more, and I appreciate all of it.

No one  will ever be like my mom. She is my favorite person, ever,even if she does drive me crazy sometimes. I love her!

I suspect that most people feel similarly about their mothers, so let's celebrate Mother's Day by saying so!

Emily Wilcox May 08, 2011 at 07:55 PM
This is so great! Happy Mother's Day to all the Montrose moms!


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