Knock, Knock burglers

Lock your doors Monrovians. we all forget sometimes but my neighbor (who usually leaves VERY early for work) just happened to be late last week. She answered a knock at her front door and a youth in a hoodie reacted startled to see someone answer the door. (casing the apartment in previous days & didn't expect anyone?) He then asked for a (bogus) name. We all are long time residents and we call Bull----! This person was up to no good. she made a police report, but it is up to us to keep each other informed so here it is. BE ALERT! Lock your doors & Windows.
Su Lilla June 09, 2014 at 08:40 PM
So a burglar dressed in black, breaks into a home. It appeared to him, no one was had been there in several day's. Armed with only his flashlight and a sack. He enters the living room area. The home was pitch black inside. He was reluctant to turn on his flashlight. As he would possibly draw attention to passers by. He proceeds to ransack the home. Shining his light down into the Bureau , placing any valuables in the sack. When he hears a very loud, turmolstious, voice say very stearnly. "JESUS'" is watching you.!!! The burglar quickly clicks off his flashlight. Holds his breath and freezes. After several minutes go by. He doesn't hear anything else. He figures it was nothing. Resumes robbing the house. Several minutes pass, when again from the same direction as before, he hears the same exact voice from the corner of the room. Only louder. " JESUS'' IS WATCHING YOU. !!! the guy, just as before stops, clicks off his flashlight. Holds his breath and freezes. He doesn't hear anything else. Just like before. Several minutes pass. He takes a chance, turning back on his light. Shines it around the room in a full 360%. Only this time, there in the corner of the living room. Was a giant bird cage, with a parrot in it. Aaaggghhh Haahh !!! Say's the now relieved burglar. Was that you ? He asked the bird, as he shined the flashlight into the birds eye's. The parrot confessed," YES". I thought so """ Said the burglar"""'. Wait just a minute he say's , still shining the flashlight in the parrots eye's. Who are you?, What's your name?... The parrot hesitate's.................... ''MOSES''. Answers the bird. The guy looking puzzled, starts to turn back to return to his burglarizing. Suddenly he looks back at the bird, shining his light on him once again. The burglar say's " Hey Moses". Just what kind of people, would name a bird Moses? Moses quickly responded " The same kind of people , that would name there ROTTWEILLER, JESUS."" ')
Liz June 09, 2014 at 08:49 PM
Very clever Su Lilla . I loved it.
rubberband June 10, 2014 at 12:48 AM
Fortified- I am Buzzlightyear >>>>>>>> June 13, 2014 at 03:30 AM
The year? 1982. House alarms still new. While going back and forth from my truck to the customers house, (half jogging as was my standard back then) I came out of the house and apparently startled two guys who I saw just leave a house. They looked a bit shocked to see me, and froze. I figured they might think I am up to no good, until they saw me grab more tools from my truck, one waved to the other and they left. A few minutes later the cops came, and went to that same house across the st. They saw me going in and out still, and asked me if I saw anyone coming out. I said yeah, the owner looked like he was in a real hurry, and left the alarm on, because it started about five seconds after they left!! I didn't know about the delay time between little beeps in the house, and the alarm going off. 20 years, and a couple thousand kitchen remodels all over Southern Ca..... I also became skilled at eyeing burglars, and other no goods.
rubberband June 13, 2014 at 06:43 PM
:) Nothing like experience!


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