Verizon the worst

Why is it when you don't pay your phone bill the phone co. is on top of you for collecting? But, when there is a problem that can only be solved by verizon insisting that the home owner trim their tree out if the phone lines they just laugh at you and tell you we don't do that.  What the heck it's your property being ruined but you don't care?  I recently read an article where verizon is refusing to repair/replace phone lines forcing people to use wireless services.  Isn't that a kick in the pants! 
Ellen Zunino May 03, 2014 at 07:47 PM
Some of us with a private (non-phone company) internet service that uses Verizon's old copper wire system (that they are bound by law to maintain) get the same run-around when we have trouble with our DSL that we've already eliminated every cause for except problems with Verizon's lines. I've heard from tech experts who know, that Verizon does this to force us to switch to their internet service. btw, unlike electric lines, phone and cable cables are thick, well-insulated and tough. They can run through tree canopies safely and without usually being damaged. Their weak points are where cables are spliced and/or where any connections are made. The lines cross the street right in front of our house and our phone service went out 3 different times when large trucks caught them and took the line down. One time we found the phone line nicely spooled and sitting at the based of the next phone pole up the street. Twice we've lost phone service to squirrels chewing the line. And, since squirrels tight-rope-walk the phone lines, they don't need to be hidden in trees to cause damage. None of our squirrel-damaged lines were near trees. If you're having trouble with your phone service, it's Verizon's job to pay you a visit, find the cause and fix it - or, if it's a problem with the wiring from the jump box into your house, to assist you in getting it fixed. And, by the way, don't be quick to accept that it's your responsibility. We went through this once and when putting in a new wire from the box to the wall didn't solve the problem, Verizon came back and, surprise!, discovered the problem was really from the pole to the box - and their responsibility. Good luck getting your phone service up and running.


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