WHAT WAS YOUR BEST/WORST NEW YEARS STORY? Did you ever stay all night and party on Colorado Blvd., only to go home and sleep before the parade starts. I remember a riot on Colorado near PCC in 1973. And the time I accidently dropped a bottle of beer on a policeman's foot, with glass shattering. How about Y2K, some were speculation it would accidently trigger nuclear war because of Russia's computers.... 
rubberband January 01, 2014 at 12:02 AM
College...first time spending the night on the parade route. Got very um, lubricated on Schnapps and sat on a scalpel that was in my back Levi's pocket....cut my ass-cheek all to Hell, and staggered around screaming and laughing until I sat down somewhere near Norton Simon Museum with my pants stuck to all the dried blood on my butt. Don't ask why I had a scalpel in my back pocket. Didn't kiss anyone but punched several. I stay home now.


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