10 Weirdest and Dumbest Crimes of 2012

A look back at the strangest crimes that occurred in Monrovia this year.

A New Year will be soon upon us, which means its time to look back on the strange and stupid decisions of some of Monrovia's most inept criminals. Here are 10 of the weirdest and dumbest:

10. The Meat Bandits

In November, two alleged meat thieves were caught stuffing meat into their shirts at a grocery store. It wasn't the first time they made off with stolen meat either, police said.

9. Road Rage at Bicyclists

A motorist allegedly ran his car into a group of bicyclists in July, then got out and started punching them.

8. Drunk Woman Attacks Man With Skillet

Police said a drunken woman grabbed a metal skillet and attacked her friend with it, breaking his finger.

7. Officers, There's a Dancing Stranger in my Backyard

In October, police arrested a woman who was under the influence of drugs and dancing in a stranger's backyard.

6. Flasher Fights With Cops

A guy accused of exposing himself in public tried to fight off police when they were arresting him in October.

5. Shots Fired at Dancing Man?

A witness said he saw a man dancing in an alley before a shooting occurred. Police speculated that the man wasn't dancing at all and was in fact dodging bullets.

4. Burglar Squeezes Through Doggy Door

A burglar squeezed through a doggy door at a home in February and decided to only steal an alarm clock.

3. Bar Vigilantes Beat Up Armed Robber

When an armed man tried to rob a bar in March, the patrons made him pay. One hit him with a pool cue, then another bashed him over the head with a beer bottle.

2. Suspicious Slacks Taken for Observation

In April, police confiscated 17 pairs of slacks in and took them for "observation" after they were found in a car driven by a man arrested for possessing a cocaine pipe.

1. Cross-Dressing Man Robs Bank, Claims to Have Anthrax

In December, a man wearing a ladies tracksuit and nail polish robbed a bank and claimed to have a briefcase full of anthrax.

Jaime Naranjo December 24, 2012 at 03:02 PM
I don't blame the guy on #9, cyclist's have to obey all laws and they don't. They take up the whole road, look back and laugh and do not stop at intersections with stop signs, causing unnecessary delays and traffic at intersections. His actions were wrong of course.


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