Alleged Gang Members Arrested Near Recreation Park

Two suspected gang members were arrested Thursday night after police received reports of shots being fired near Recreation Park.

Police arrested two alleged members of the Monrovia Nuevo Varrio gang near Thursday after receiving reports that gunshots were heard in the area.

Police were unable to confirm that any shots were fired and did not find any firearms on the two alleged gang members they arrested outside of the park after 5 p.m., Monrovia Police Lt. Zeke Cereceres said.

Officers responded to the area and found five people in a green Honda parked in the 600 block of Shamrock Avenue. Two were determined to be Monrovia Nuevo Varrio gang members and they were arrested for violating the city's gang injunction, Cereceres said.

"...The police responded, cleared the area and forced everyone out of "the line of fire", ran up on the car with guns drawn," Ramirez wrote.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department also responded to the scene and detained two of the other people in the car. Cereceres said he did not know if they were ultimately arrested or charged.


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