Bear Wanders Down to Foothill Boulevard, Leaves Peacefully

The bear poked around a neighborhood near Foothill Boulevard Thursday night before leaving as police arrived.

A bear wandered all the way down to Foothill Boulevard Thursday night but left peacefully before authorities had to intervene, police said.

Police received a call about the bear at about 8 p.m. Thursday, Monrovia Police Sgt. Nick Manfredi said. When officers arrived, the bear was walking around the 100 block of Poinsettia Avenue.

"Then the bear just went off back up north and returned where it was going," Manfredi said.

Patch reader Janie Duncan said she'd never seen a bear travel so far south in the 40 years she's lived in the city. She said her friend was startled by the bear while walking her dog in an alley off Poinsettia.

"When her dog Scooter barked the bear calmly walked over and through Harding Court pass the next apartments and turned up Poinsettia back up to the Foothills," Duncan wrote.

Duncan said police followed the bear until it returned to the wilderness.

"I would like to commend the police for calmly monitoring the bear for safety but allowing it to peacefully go home," she wrote.

Kate K. October 29, 2012 at 05:19 AM
Folks, there aren't a lot of better black bear habitats. We have to learn to live with the bears. Angeles Crest is about as wild as it gets in So Cal. And if a bear is moved to elsewhere in the Crest, it'll just jostle the current resident bears living there, the adjacent territories will shift like dominoes falling, until a new bear gets nudged down into our neighborhoods. Where would you suggest that bear be taken? Another county or state is too far for the local Fish & Wildlife budget. (Remember how people keep saying gov't. is "too big"? Well, a smaller gov't won't move a bear at all.) The folks in Tahoe, Shasta, Palomar, and all the other Calif. wilderness interface lands learned to live with their bears: We can, too. Be watchful of your surroundings; if you see a bear while outside, give it space; keep tree fruit picked; keep garbage secured (i.e. FREEZE your meat scraps, bones, old pet food until trash day); teach kids never to scream at, throw things at, or approach ANY wild animals; keep doors and windows to home secured when cooking or preparing foods, esp. meats; pay attention to weather--- hot, dry weeks and fires will bring more bears and animals nearby. If that's too much effort for folks north of Foothill Blvd., then they need to reconsider their choice of neighborhood: The Foothills of the San Gabriels are probably not right for them... the animals are simply not going away. The wildlife is why many of us choose to live here: our kind will happily stay.
Kate K. October 29, 2012 at 05:35 AM
Yup, right now there are avocados, apples, figs, persimmons, and other tasty fruits on trees in this area. The heat and dry weather have dried up a lot of the water supplies and browse they need. SO, we have animals coming down for food and water. Bears are natural omnivores, like us: they'll eat whatever they can find to survive. Including our refuse. But we're not their first choice of neighbors either. Once it rains some, most bears will head back up-slope to their usual ranges. But with climate change a reality, hot dry years will be more and more common, thus so will bears in our neighborhoods. They adapted to us; We need to adapt to them. (Unless we are the less adaptive species?) The only other alternative is to kill them all. I'd rather adapt.
Dan Crandell October 29, 2012 at 07:35 AM
@Kate K.. We spent many vacations in the King Canyon. We only encountered one bear up there. Here in Monrovia they are part of the beauty of our town. I believe that most of us have learned and understand how to live in peace with these magnificent animals. Our police and animal control people are pro's in handling them as well. Watching an officer fire a beanbag is great. Bears have big targets on their butts. They head for the hills real fast.when hit by bag. I say we keep them.
Citzen October 29, 2012 at 04:02 PM
How soon everyone forgets! Yes there was a bear further south than this. It was a baby bear and they ran it up a tree and tranquilized it. It freaked me out because the police were running through old town with rifles and I was on a motorcycle feeling very vulnerable at that moment. I didn't have a clue what was going on just that there were rifles and I was out in the open!. Then come to find out somewhere in the area of the burger joint there was a cub in the tree! They shot it town and took it somewhere. I think it would have been in the star-news.
Citzen October 29, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Correction, they didn't shoot it, they tranquilized it..:)


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