UPDATED: Randone Acquitted of Murder, Torture

A jury found Brian Lee Randone not guilty on counts of murder and torture in connection with the death of former adult film actress Felicia Lee.

A jury of four men and eight women found Brian Lee Randone not guilty of murder and torture charges Friday in connection with the death of former adult film actress Felicia Lee.

Randone, a former preacher, hugged his attorney and later his father after the court clerk read the verdicts.

"Hallelujah, praise God," Randone said before being led out of the court for the last time by the bailiff. "God's in control."

In a trial that lasted nearly a month, Deputy District Attorney Philip Wojdak in his apartment in the 500 block of Duarte Road on Sept. 11, 2009. She was found with more than 300 blunt force trauma wounds throughout her body, which were the basis of the torture count.

But Randone's attorneys insisted that Lee , the date rape drug, and sustained the injuries during a seizure-like episode while she was intoxicated on the drug. Lee, a former adult film actress, was known to use the drug recreationally and had a high amount of it in her system when she died.

Mark Overland, one of Randone's two attorneys, said after the verdict that jurors, who began deliberations at about 9 a.m. Thursday and returned a verdict just after 2 p.m. Friday, told him that they made a decision quickly on the murder count.

"It's clear, when I talked to them, they said they reached the decision on the murder charge on Thursday," Overland said.

As to the torture count, Overland said they jury told him they "couldn't find any torture or any reason for him to have done it."

One juror, who declined to identify herself by name, said that a major factor in the jury's decision was the small amount of electrical activity found in Lee's heart when paramedics arrived. They agreed with the would not have been present in Lee if she were smothered to death.

Another juror could be overheard telling Wojdak that she had doubts about the verdict.

"I'm not happy with the verdict but there wasn't enough there to say he was guilty," she said.

Wojdak told City News Service that he was "very disappointed" by the verdict.

Randone's father, Angelo Randone, testified in the trial that his son intended to marry Lee. He said outside the courtroom after the verdict that he was "extremely happy" with the jury's decision.

"I'll tell you what, to be honest with you, the tragedy should have never happened," Angelo Randone said. "My son has always been there to help Felicia, not to hurt her."

Randone's mother had a stroke during the course of the trial and he told his father to call her "so she's not worried" as he was being led out of the courtroom.

Overland said his client intends to enjoy his freedom and possibly return to operating his own business in the telecommunications industry.

"He's just relieved the nightmare is over," Overland said.

Maria Luisa March 30, 2013 at 08:42 AM
I attended the same church as Radone in the late 90's in Euless, Texas. He performed his mime reality Biblically based presentations several times in church. He was an exceptionally handsome man. I was disturbed by his very tight clothes that he wore in his skits. He obviously worked out a lot and was eager to show the results of his endeavors. I attended a couple of his events for singles in the DFW area and for some strange reason, which I now feel was the Holy Spirit, I sensed something was too weird and unsettled about him. I think he started out with Godly intentions and eventually he succumbed to the temptations of beauty, power, sex, money. Yes, the Bible is full of examples of men who strayed from their commitments to God. Present day reality is no different. Joseph in the Bible was an example of a man who was written to be very handsome, had a lot of power politically, yet chose to resist temptation and he was a great leader in Jewish history. Brian didn't stray overnight. As the Bible says, "The little foxes destroy the vine." One by one, Brian made the wrong decisions that contradicted his faith. Now Brian has the opportunity to make the correct decisions and live the remainder of his life for God. I, too, suspect that "Nathan" is Brian himself. Even if Brian didn't murder Felicia, he certainly was responsible for what happened to her. I will pray for him.
nathan whitney March 30, 2013 at 05:34 PM
Maria Luisa, I am NOT Brian. Look at Nathan Freeman on facebook. Blue shirt, red tie. That's me. I agree with you on many points and your general impression of falling slowly. Brian was my young adult pastor here in southern Wisconsin in 1988-1989, just before he moved to Texas. Brian actually has a law suit pending against 20/20 for the horrible show they aired which made him look bad and did NOT demonstrate how CLEARLY his innocense was established in the trial. It's amazing how these people on the internet can read one news article and think they know everything about the trial and who Brian is based a brief article! She clearly died of a self induced overdose. She had OD'd a couple times before and passed out in public! Something they would never say on TV out of respect for her and her family!!!
Danielle Davidson White June 02, 2013 at 02:00 PM
I fail to see how he is responsible for what happened to her even if he didn't kill her. She was 31 years old and took the drugs at her own risk. It's sad that she died but when you take something that is dangerous, there is every chance something can go wrong.
Rachel Val April 27, 2014 at 11:31 PM
This is so crazy idk what to believe. I hope they can get more evidence
Erol Burghardt April 29, 2014 at 11:32 AM
Does not surprise me that Brian left Texas and move to Hollywood to try to become one of "America's Sexist Bachelor". Brian's story does not add up. I totally agree with Maria. I too was friends with Brian where we attended the same small Euless Church and Home team/Bible Study in the 1990s. Brian is a very charming and charismatic guy but also very superficial in many ways besides the toupee he used to wear. I am also bald and would never wear a toupee because I believe in being real physically and spiritually. Brian and I were never close friends because I always sensed there was something not right with him. Being a man, I can spot "Pussy Hounds" a mile a way and don't trust any of them. He was pursuing the "hot" women at Church and Bible study. When we would talk, I noticed Brian was also checking out the women behind me. Looking back Brian was (and probably still is ) a narcissistic hedonistic playboy pretending to be a Christian.


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