Classes Resume at Holy Angels After Dorner Scare

Safety precautions will remain in place until authorities identify quadruple-homicide suspect Christopher Dorner's body.

UPDATE, 4:30 p.m. The Los Angeles Times reports that police have positively identified the body in the cabin as Christopher Jordan Dorner.

Original: Holy Angels School reopened Thursday after being closed for nearly a week because its pastor is related to a person named in the rambling manifesto of an ex-LAPD officer accused of going on a revenge killing spree.

Pastor Michael Evans is the brother of Theresa Evans—a cop Christopher Jordan Dorner formally accused of using excessive force against a suspect. The complaint against his former supervisor, Dorner charged, led to his retaliatory firing in 2009.

Dorner is believed to have died during a shootout with police in a Big Bear cabin Tuesday. Authorities have not confirmed Dorner's death, but say the charred body recovered from the cabin following the shootout is likely Dorner's.

The Pasadena Star-News reported the school still has some extra safety precautions in place.

"Those procedures stay in place until Dorner's demise is confirmed," Holy Angels principal Ted Carroll told the newspaper.


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