Fireworks Mistaken for Gunshots in East Monrovia Neighborhood

Police said they received several reports of gunshots being fired near Monterey Avenue and Walnut Avenue, but the noises were caused by fireworks set off in the street.

Several residents reported hearing gunshots in the area of Monterey Avenue and Walnut Avenue Sunday night but police determined the loud noises were caused by fireworks.

Calls began pouring in to the Monrovia Police Department at about 9:50 p.m. Sunday when residents heard loud noises they believed to be from gunfire, Sgt. Nick Manfredi said.

"We got several calls, they heard several banging noises and they didn't know what it was," Manfredi said.

But when police arrived at the scene, they discovered debris in the street.

"We found evidence of fireworks at the scene," Manfredi said.

No witnesses saw anyone set off the fireworks and no one was cited or arrested as a result of the disturbance, Manfredi said.


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