Hit and Run Suspect Sought by Police

Major damage sustained to victim vehicle, no injuries reported.

Monrovia Police are continuing to search for a man who drove away from the scene of an accident he caused Saturday night.

The accident occurred in the 100 block of East Lime Avenue around 9 p.m. A black Acura was struck by the suspect vehicle, a navy blue or black BMW SUV. The Acura suffered major damage to the driver's side. The SUV then took of east on Lime at a high rate of speed, said Sergeant Nick Manfredi of Monrovia Police.

Police searched, but could not locate the SUV.

There was no immediate word on injuries. The incident was listed as a misdemeanor, indicating no injuries were reported, Manfredi said.

The suspect driver was described as a male Asian, approximately 30 years old. He had short, dark hair and wore glasses and a light-colored shirt. The suspect SUV sustained damage to the rear passenger's side.

Ellen Zunino December 11, 2012 at 01:46 AM
Ah, Monrovia's becoming more and more like L.A. every day.
david heimark December 11, 2012 at 05:35 AM
by the by...true story...on a Saturday, a week and a half ago... stopping for a coke and smokes at the local 7-11...11 am...a drunk, slugging his tall boy...unbuttoned, whipped it out and relieved himself onto the landscape attempt at the aforementioned 7-11 in full view of their god, an adolescent girl, her father and the rest of us. His startling behavior took my focus off the other two bums sucking their juice. Felt just like my old Rampart neighborhood.


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