LASD Boosts Security After Newtown School Shooting

Following the shootings at a Newtown, Conn. school, Sheriffs deputies will offer extra security for school campuses in the county.

Following the shooting rampage that , Los Angeles County Sheriffs issued a statement alerting residents that there will be an increased presence of Sheriffs deputies on school campuses across the county for the next several days.

According to the Sheriffs department:

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department works closely with all schools, public and private, within our policing jurisdiction to enhance safety for students and staff. Preventing these tragedies is a goal of law enforcement, schools and society as a whole. When an incident at a school does occur, it is our mutual goal to rapidly, safely, and efficiently resolve it.”

The department noted that each school is required to have a School Safety Plan specific to that campus that addresses emergency events. Sheriff's deputies, as well as local police authorities, train for a variety of emergencies with school staff. Each plan includes shelters, evacuation centers and lockdowns.

Residents can also sign up for free e-mail and text notifications from the Sheriff’s department through (Alert LA County), Text and Email (Nixle.com), website, Facebook and Twitter:  


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