Photos: FBI Still Looking for Monrovia's Cross-Dressing 'French Tip Bandit'

The man dressed in women's clothing robbed a Chase Bank branch in Monrovia last week.

Federal agents continue to search for the cross-dressing man who robbed a Monrovia bank last week and an FBI spokeswoman said Thursday he's being called the "French Tip Bandit" because of his painted fingernails.

The man claimed to have a suitcase full of anthrax and demanded money at the Chase Bank on Huntington Drive on Dec. 5. He was wearing a women's velour track suit and Ugg boots and had painted fingernails that inspired his nickname, according to Los Angeles-based FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

"The tellers specifically described the polish on his fingernails as candy apple red with a white trim," Eimiller said.

The man has not been linked to any other robberies, Eimiller said.

"Right now, based on the photos and the [modus operandi] we don't have the suspect linked to any other robberies," she said.

Randall Robertson December 14, 2012 at 12:34 AM
I think He looks very relaxed/ sure of Himself... It was at the Huntington Oaks Plaza so there were lots of People around so He could get lost in the Crowd... Probably not from that area, but's within Driving distance... Good Luck on catching Him.. He looks like a very common African American Male.. There's probably 50,000 Men in L.A. County that resemble His description.. If He only Robs once and never again He'll probably never be caught... But if He gets greedy and slips up that'll be His down fall..
R Terry December 14, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Doesn't this bank have a security guard? When someone comes in who looks like this, that guard should perk right up and being paying full attention. And just where would someone like this "guy" get anthrax?


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