Police Blotter: Drunk Driver Fires Shotgun Into the Air

This week a man allegedly tested out his new shotgun by firing it into the air and was then nabbed by police for allegedly driving while intoxicated. Read on for more.

From the Monrovia Police Department:

Following are the weekend's highlighted issues and events:

Vehicle Vandalism

On November 2 at 5:57 a.m., a vehicle was reported vandalized in the 700 block of West Huntington. It was determined that a rock was used to break the window of the victim's Dodge RAM truck. The victim has no idea who would vandalize his truck as he is not from this area. Investigation continuing.

Grand Theft Auto

On November 4 at 2:52 a.m., a vehicle was reported stolen from the 200 block of South Shamrock. The victim parked the vehicle on the street at 11:00 p.m. in the evening and locked the doors and windows. The victim looked outside the window at about 2:30 a.m. and saw vehicle was missing. The vehicle stolen was a 1996 Silver Acura. The investigation is continuing.

Unlawful Discharge of a Shotgun / Driving Under the Influence - Suspect Arrested

On November 4 at 10:01 p.m., a 45-year-old male subject was in an alley in the 200 block of West Lime and he unlawfully and intentionally fired his new shotgun in the air. He then drove away from the scene in a blue jeep with the shotgun. He had been visiting family in the 200 block of West Lime and was returning to Los Angeles. Officers located and stopped the male subject a couple blocks from the scene and found the shotgun in the vehicle. The subject was determined to be driving under the influence of alcohol. The ejected shotgun shell casing was found in the alley next to the house he had been visiting. The suspect was arrested for negligent discharge of the weapon and for driving under the influence of alcohol.


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