Video: LA Times Profiles Monrovia Man Paralyzed in Shooting

Davien Graham was shot and paralyzed in one of a series of gang shootings in Monrovia in 2008.

The Los Angeles Times recently published a two-part profile of Davien Graham, a Monrovia man shot and paralyzed during a rash of gang violence in the city in 2008. The newspaper released this video interview with Graham on its website.

Ralph Walker November 20, 2012 at 05:34 AM
What a brave young to go against all the odds first survive bullets then the fear of retaliation from gang members THEN the reality of knowing you will never walk again. Davien Ggraham is one special young man that looked fear in the face with God on his side and emerged as one powerful young man. The reporter Molly Hennessy Fis ke did a very special job in holding the readers to the final out come . Really would hope that the city leaders would step up and honor this brave young man.


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