City Again Puts Off Decision on Gold Line Deal

The city and Gold Line officials continue to try to hammer out a deal before eminent domain comes into play next month.

The Monrovia City Council again delayed a decision Tuesday on a proposed deal with the Gold Line Construction Authority after GLCA authorities asked the city not to take any action, officials said.

The city was poised to again consider . But Gold Line officials have said publicly that no deal was ever reached and if the city passed the measure Tuesday, it would not have been binding upon the GLCA.

Still, the GLCA asked that the city hold off on any votes regarding the land deal as the agency continues to work out a compromise, Ochoa said.

"Again, looking to be a good faith negotiator and an entity that has worked diligently for the best interests of all, what I am recommending to you is to allow this matter to continue," Ochoa told the council.

Tom Adams immediately reiterated his opposition to postponing the decision, calling the GLCA "disingenuous" and saying again that he thinks would be a bad deal for the city.

"I would just as soon abandon this," he said before casting the lone vote against a motion to postpone consideration of a deal to the next council meeting.


Councilman Clarence Shaw alluded to the "posturing" that was taking place in public and said he didn't want to delay a decision on the maintenance yard much longer.

"I’m going to say that Monrovia has done well," Shaw said. "Monrovia is going to continue to do well whether we have a yard or not."

The council's decision comes on the heels of a closed session meeting Monday of the GLCA's Board of Directors, who have been working to craft a compromise that they can send back soon to Monrovia officials. GLCA spokeswoman Lisa Levy Buch said that her agency is seriously considering using eminent domain against Monrovia if no deal is reached, but only as a last resort.

The land in question is 14 acres of property along Evergreen Avenue that would be used to house a $120 million maintenance yard for trains along the coming Gold Line Foothill Extension. The GLCA needs Monrovia's land before it can buy up surrounding land or condemn it.

The GLCA board has scheduled an eminent domain hearing for July 5.

Alan Fishel June 22, 2011 at 08:06 PM
What is the problem? There is so much vacant land adjacent to the Gold Line especially east of the 605. There is land that has limited accesses that has little value do to the accesses. There are many better locations for the yards and shops than the proposed Monrovia site. It is time to thank Monrovia and say no thank you and move on to a better less expensive site.
Simon June 23, 2011 at 05:27 PM
Um, Alan--no other city or entity wanted to give up property for the maintenance yard. And even if another site was found, they'd have to do another environmental impact report, which would take years. And Patch: great job on covering this complicated issue.
harold leacock June 27, 2011 at 04:52 AM
I think let cool heads prevail in this decision, that this rail yard is not like your typical rail yard with a bunch of unwanted noise of box cars or engines idling. This yard should be really quiet, because you mainly operating with elecetric operated cars, besides we need jobs, and jobs bring in housing and taxes for the state.


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