Monrovia Congresswomen, Assemblyman Hernandez React to State of the Union

President Obama give his final State of the Union speech. Photo Credit: White House Facebook
President Obama give his final State of the Union speech. Photo Credit: White House Facebook

Congresswomen Judy Chu, D-Monterey Park and Grace Napolitano, D-El Monte, along with and State Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, D-West Covina, issued statements praising President Obama's State of the Union speech.

Napolitano's district includes most of Monrovia. Chu and Hernandez also represent a portion of the city.

“The recovery has been slow, but it is evident," Napolitano said. "I applaud President Obama for renewing his call to strengthen the middle class, but we must ensure that job creation is at the local level. We must grow businesses here at home but also secure business investments from abroad. I am glad he continues to focus on jobs and educating our workforce. Our children are our future leaders and the most precious resource we have. We must educate and train our youngsters to give them every opportunity to succeed.”

“We hope to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year that the President will sign. We will continue to push for true reform that includes an earned path to citizenship and keeps families together. This is what the voters have indicated they want in poll after poll; it is time to get it done.”

“The state of mental health in America is another area we must address. We made some progress in 2013 through mental health parity and expanding coverage, but stigma must be eliminated to catch problems early on and encourage those suffering to seek help.” 

“California’s recent declaration of a drought emergency is a serious issue, and our communities would not be able to move forward without government assistance. We must develop new methods of water storage and recycling, and it is critical that we all conserve water.”

“I remain focused on the needs of constituents throughout our 32nd District and am committed to working closely with local elected officials and business owners. We will be holding community events to connect residents to services in the San Gabriel Valley. We must all increase our outreach to veterans and their families to ensure access to the benefits they have earned and deserve. We can grow our economy by repairing aging infrastructure and improving transit through rail and buses.”

Chu said that she supports Obama's push to use executive orders if Congress does not act. 

“Tonight, President Obama spoke to our best intentions as Americans," Chu said. "At a time when a hard-day’s work doesn’t earn a livable wage and solutions in Washington stall out in political gridlock, the president’s proposals extend beyond the partisan rancor to address the challenges of our time.

“The American people deserve better governance for their tax dollars than what they got in 2013, which is why I am glad the president will use executive orders where Congress does not act. We have an economy on the mend, a healthcare law to implement, and an immigration system in desperate need of reform. These challenges demand action, and stonewalling over the past year has only raised the stakes higher. Tonight, President Obama gave us a realistic alternative to the politics of polarization, and it’s one I am proud to join him in fighting for.”

Hernandez, who serves as the chairman of the Committee of Labor and Employment, said he supports the president's call for an increase in the federal minimum wage. 

“Tonight, the President’s powerful words on opportunity resounded loud and clear to everyone," Hernandez said. "His commitment to our economy and to families across our nation will inspire us to continue to provide the best quality of life for our families.  

President Obama’s step forward in raising the minimum wage for federal contract workers is a testament that in today’s economy, the minimum wage is not enough.  He follows the work California Legislators did to increase the minimum wage in this state.  The minimum wage not only gives hope, but provides opportunity for all.  Adding jobs to our economy has helped speed the recovery from the recession we experienced a few years ago.  His commitment to innovation, infrastructure, clean energy, research and development will stimulate the job growth that we are looking for. His continued stance on immigration reform will provide for our economy to benefit from hard-working individuals who will contribute greatly to this state and to our nation.

I applaud and support his commitment to early childhood education for all our children and his profound backing that provides for access to students to a higher education.        

As Chair of the Committee of Labor and Employment, I look forward in working with my colleagues in the Legislature to ensure the President’s priorities have the support to put Californians back to work.”

What did you think of President Obama's State of the Union speech? What was the highlight? What did you want to hear that he didn't address? Share your thoughts in comments.

R. Ray Morford January 30, 2014 at 09:16 PM
Did you all know Assemblyman Chris Holman is also in favor of taking the hill side above our city and combining it into the San Gabriel Mountain Recreational area......and we're still paying for it. They claim we will be in control of our area, but we must use their rules to enforce anything. Coyotes in sheep clothing.
Dan Crandell January 30, 2014 at 10:59 PM
No way in hell will we keep control of that property. The FEDS are coming.
Liz January 30, 2014 at 11:47 PM
Dan are you on FB
Dan Crandell January 31, 2014 at 12:23 AM
Yes ... But I have no friends. Not now is my middle name.
Liz January 31, 2014 at 12:30 AM
I sent a message to see if it is you.


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