Councilman Spicer's Wife Defends Him Against 'Bully' Accusations

The wife of Councilman Larry Spicer defended her husband Tuesday in remarks to the City Council after some of his neighbors publicly accused of him of being a neighborhood bully.

Councilman Larry Spicer's wife took to the podium during Tuesday's City Council Meeting to defend her husband against recent allegations made by neighbors that he is a neighborhood bully, calling the neighbors' comments "an effort to embarrass and humiliate" the councilman.

The neighborhood dispute first reared its head in city council chambers during the May 15 City Council meeting, when Michael Vallejo, one of Spicer's neighbors on East Atara Street, accused Spicer of being a neighborhood bully. Vallejo alleged that Spicer threatened neighbors and made racist remarks about them over the last several years.

Spicer's wife, Delphine Spicer, addressed the City Council Tuesday and said Vallejo's comments were an effort to "try to embarrass an active council member on live television.”

Vallejo told the council last month that Spicer, , has harassed the neighborhood for years. He read letters from other neighbors accusing the councilman of various transgressions.

"I feel like he plays mind games," one letter stated, as read by Vallejo. "He has yelled, threatened and made racial remarks to our children and their friends."

In one of the more unusual allegations, Vallejo read a letter stating that Delphine Spicer complained to neighbors that her husband sprayed her with a "high pressure hose." She disputed that allegation Tuesday.

Vallejo again addressed the City Council at the last City Council meeting on June 5, accusing the councilman of harassing and taunting neighbors.

"He is a 55-year-old man who is still a bully at his age," Vallejo said.

Spicer said the bad blood between her husband and Vallejo began because of an overgrown tree on Vallejo's property that extended onto her property, and the grievance escalated from there. She said she was considering taking legal action against Vallejo and other neighbors as a result of the allegations.

Carmen Martinez June 21, 2012 at 03:14 PM
@Sayitisntso, I agree that the council should hear about the character of someone, before an appointment. Mr. Spicer has been in office for over six months. At this point, the council hearing this particular neighborhood dispute means that they should hear all of our disputes.
Gayle M. Montgomery June 21, 2012 at 03:29 PM
@ Holly and @Carmen it may not even be the Patch or the end user deleting posts in some instances. I had an odd one happen where I got a response from someone via push notification and email. When I refreshed and went to find it, I responded that I do not see it but here is my response. I refreshed again and the original commentary was there. Coukd be server issues, cyber gremlins, editor's choice, or poster's remorse. Same thing is happening with the Facebook timeline. You can post something Nd it's not there. Post it again, and you have doubles. I exercised grandmotherly privilege and completely excised texts I had warned the Grandboy about but what do I know? Every time I thought I got rid of everything, when I refreshed, there were still more that just were not making the timeline. It took me quite a while to ensure everything was gone.
Marina Olivas June 21, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Well said Gayle.
Timothy Fisher July 04, 2012 at 05:49 PM
I know Larry Spicer through my sister and my family. He is a good man and loves the city and serving his community. My question is why is he bring this stuff up? Why is Tom Adams making things sound worst that there are? Should we look into his past to see what he is hiding. How is bringing this trash up helping the city and the people? Timothy Fisher
Holly Hale July 04, 2012 at 05:55 PM
I would like to know exactly what kind of criminal record this man supposedly has? Any public official (including POTUS) should reveal his or her records before serving. God knows teachers do (how so many pervs slip past is a mystery to me). This trashing of him is going on too long and the air needs to be cleared. The gossip needs to stop.


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