David Dreier Weighs in on Healthcare Ruling

Dreier calls the healthcare mandate the largest tax increase in American History.

Local Congressman David Dreier (R-26th District), issued a statement today on his web site after the regarding the decision upholding President Obama's healthcare law:

Today’s ruling makes clear what many of us have said all along – the flawed healthcare law represents one of the largest tax increases in American history.  As our economy continues to struggle, we need to be reducing the tax burden on small businesses and working families, not increasing it. We must redouble our efforts to repeal and replace this law with patient-centered reforms that will reduce costs and help the American people meet their healthcare needs. I will be supporting the House’s efforts to do so in the coming weeks.

Lorraine grindstaff June 28, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Republicans in government are screaming that they were hornswoggled by President Obama and those in the Senate and the House of Representatives who voted to enact the Affordable Care Act and right wing "pundits" are decrying the ruling by the United States Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of the Act under the power to tax. The reality, though, is that every single one of the persons who is engaging in this sophistry has been in a position to know exactly what was written in the legislation from the start of the process. Neither President Obama nor any Legislator who voted in favor of the legislation secretly sneaked in any provision that no Republican was aware of. So for Republicans to pretend that they or the American people have been duped is poppycock. Nor is there anything nefarious about finding the Act constitutional under the power of Congress to tax rather than under the powers afforded by the Commerce Clause. The fact is that ALL courts are jurisprudentially required to find a basis to uphold laws enacted by state and federal legislatures whether they be state or federal courts. Therefore, even if the Obama Administration had not argued that the power to tax applied to the Affordable Care Act, the United States Supreme Court was jurisprudentially required to find ANY consitutional basis to uphold the Act. Only when a court can find NO consitutional basis for upholding a law may the law be struck down.
Richard Christy June 28, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Yay Drier! "As our economy continues to struggle" Let's stop taxing for anything that's important to American lives. Road construction, Schools, health care. Let's stop taxing for all of them. I dare you to put yourself in the position of an average citizen and try to get health care. Our family pays $900 per month for our individual care. 10k per year. How can the average person do this? It took us a year to find coverage, why, because we had a history of miscarriages. Take care of your citizens, Drier. No family in America should ever lose everything they have because of an illness or accident. "We must redouble our efforts to repeal and replace this law with patient-centered reforms that will reduce costs and help the American people meet their healthcare needs." Means that you want to continue to do nothing. Rotten
Gayle M. Montgomery June 28, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Could Dreier just be quieted and gracefully walk out of the House as planned? He has always been pro big money with little or no regard for the common man or woman. Who pays for the health care of those who have none because employers do not provide and there is not affordable option when suddenly they become ill and must go to the hospital. We're talking about home grown men and women. You and I do folks. We pay for County hospital and the like. If they don't suffer and die and do seek medical care with no insurance, the rest of us are already paying that bill at an exhorbitant rate and rising. 3rd World nations have better health care provisions in many instances than we do. Don't have health care and figure you don't need it. Hah! Mother Nature often has other ideas. If you get smacked by a car that doesn't stop and you have no insurance, you lose your heiny. And if you bellyache, as is said in another blog post, that your small employer will go out of business, if you get sick, that same employer does not have to protect your job because of the size of your business, and kiss your house goodbye. You might another job, you won't get rid of those health care bills. I've long said that if I won the lottery today, I would still work til the date that I can port my insurance with my retirement. One good illlness could wipe out a lottery pot.
Cathy McCallum June 28, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Oh, Mr. Dreier, really? Since you aren't running for anything, you could have strayed from the party line without consequence. Instead, you issue this ridiculous nothing-burger of a statement. At least you're predictable - always a disappointment.
john latsko June 29, 2012 at 03:16 AM
Heck NO! Drier is WRONG WRONG WRONG! Californians will prove him behind the TIMES and we'll push ahead with some of the most cutting-edge legislation to be had in any of the fifty states! ...good thing our state's prerogatives were protected in the SCOTUS rulings today! move over Drier, your time in office is limited! ...smell this NEW coffee! 'cause it's brewing FRESH! WOOHOOO!!!
Danielle Corona June 29, 2012 at 06:26 AM
Republicans point is the people never would have supported it, or their representatives voting for it, if they knew it was a tax on the middle class. The Republicans did not support it.
Danielle Corona June 29, 2012 at 06:27 AM
...as we dive into bankruptcy as a state. Whoo hoo. Go California, always leading the way in something!


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