Hackers Briefly Take Over Monrovia Website

The overnight attack reportedly left city officials scrambling to correct the situation before the city's 126th birthday.

A group of hackers attacked the city of Monrovia's website overnight.

The web site was eventually restored by 9 a.m., according to officials.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported this morning that a group identifying itself as the Latin Hack Team had overtaken the main page, leaving only a large image with the word "HACKED" set against a black background. The hackers encouraged people to follow them on Twitter and urged people to stop global warming.

Cochran said it seemed to be "a hacking exercise" more than anything else since its message was not very strong.

"It' almost like a car joy ride," he said. "I think someone hacked it because they could."

While hacking into government websites is illegal, prosecution of those responsible can be difficult since websites can be hosted from foreign countries and are subject to those countries' laws, he said.

Read more at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune's official website.

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