Monrovia Officials in Danger of NOT Getting Dunked

Don't let these city officials escape the dunk tank.

Oh, the humanity.

City project coordinator Jennifer McLain reported Tuesday that Monrovia's "social media blitz" is a long way from reaching its follower goals, meaning that the six city officials who have agreed to submit to a dunk tank could end up being left high and dry.

Mayor Mary Ann Lutz, Councilwoman Becky Shevlin, Councilman Joe Garcia, Police Chief Jim Hunt, MHS Principal Darvin Jackson and City Spokesman Dan Bell all if the city's social media campaign reached its goals.

So far, only Dan Bell is guaranteed to plummet to a watery fate (Bell asking residents whom they wanted dunked the most).

The "social media blitz" is a city campaign to gain followers to its many social media sites. So far the campaign has garnered about 300 new followers, short of the city's stated goal of 1,000 followers.

To follow one of the city's social media sites and soak a city official in the process, click here.

Here are the following "dunk threshholds" needed to soak each official:

  • Dan Bell: As good as dunked
  • Becky Shevlin and Joe Garcia: 400 followers
  • Jim Hunt: 600 followers
  • Darvin Jackson: 800 followers
  • Mary Ann Lutz: 1,000 followers

Though these goals are set, finance director Mark Alvarado assured the council that any of them could still volunteer to get dunked should their goals not be reached.

"So never fear, I will get dunked in one way or another," Lutz said.


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