New City Manager Says 'Hello Monrovia'

New City Manager Laurie Lile introduced herself to the city this week in her first weekly report.

From the City Manager's weekly report:

Since this is my first Weekly Message, I wanted to take an opportunity to say, “Hello, and Thank you,” to the City of Monrovia. I have been overwhelmed this past week by the friendly and gracious welcome I have received from the entire community. Everyone—residents and business owners, city staff members and City Council—has made me feel a part of this amazing community, and I am very thankful for your warm reception. When I applied for the position of City Manager, I recognized that Monrovia possessed many special qualities.  Everything, though, has exceeded my expectations.

I knew that the community was filled with interested and engaged residents who have worked very hard to develop the community values and attributes that make Monrovia an “All American City.” What I found was that the residents and business owners are more engaged and involved than I could have imagined.  They give of their time, energy, ideas and dollars at unprecedented levels, providing entire programs and events that the City could never fund without their assistance.

I knew that the community was innovative and creative—a leader in the San Gabriel Valley. What I found was that the ideas and programs developed here by the excellent city staff and the community volunteers and organizations are emulated throughout the nation. Our innovative Monrovia Reads and Plays program is generating interest from not only communities in Southern California, but from as far away as Arizona. These communities look to use our program as a best practice for providing recreation and literacy services to underserved neighborhoods.  Our San Gabriel Valley Battery Recycling program, that has so far kept 7,809 pounds of batteries containing heavy metals and other toxins out of our landfills,  was acknowledged in New York’s Times Square as a successful  “green” program.

Everyone I speak with and everywhere I look, I learn new great things about Monrovia. I feel privileged to be a part of this community now and I look forward to working hard, and being creative and innovative with all of you, in order to meet the challenges ahead of us. I know that together we can continue to keep our city moving in a positive direction. 



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