School Board to Look at Body Building Competition Decision

The school board will discuss the superintendent's decision to bar a body building competition from MHS at a meeting this month.

The Board of Education will look into the superintendent's decision to bar a body building competition from being held at when the board meets later this month, the board president said.

School Board President Ed Gililland said that the and the policy behind that decision will be discussed during a board meeting on Oct. 26.

"I think there's some legitimate questions being asked so we're going to look at that," Gililland said.

The promoter of the West Coast Classic Bodybuilding and Figure said his company was told by Superintendent Linda Wagner that they couldn't hold the competition over the 2012 summer break at MHS because she didn't want the school associated with "scantily clad women."

owner and competitive body builder Brian Whelan said he was disappointed in the superintendent's decision because the event could have brought in thousands of dollars to the school's booster club.

Gililland said he reviewed the web site for the competition and found it to have "pretty good guidelines in place." Gililland said that Wagner's objection to the portion of the contest that includes bikinis will be reconsidered.

"Some people don't like that much skin, that's not to say it's right or wrong," Gililland said. "That's the issue--when you have one segment of the competition that's a bikini contest, and does that fit within the policy? As Dr. Wagner looked at that, obviously she didn't feel that was within the guidelines of policy of what's acceptable at the high school."

Wagner could not be reached for comment on this story.

Gililland said that the decision to reject the competition is not final at this point.

"I don't think it's ruled out completely," Gililland said. "I think the board will take a serious look at it with the superintendent. Is the answer going to continue to be 'no'? I can't say right now."

mark h. October 08, 2011 at 03:01 PM
The Superintendent of Schools has a very narrow mind when it comes to the First Amendment. Remember Rent? What she needs is sensitivity training to understand that she is not allowed to foist her personal feelings upon the community at large. If bikinis are inappropriate in her world, then let's close the pool or ban every woman and girl who wears a bikini. She can stand at the gate and decide what pleases her and what doesn't. Something is wrong with the superintendent.
Ed Gililland October 09, 2011 at 03:59 AM
Well, it’s always interesting to get Nathan’s edits of an interview. The school will be closed for sand blasting and painting during the time this competition will be taking place. She could not approve this use when the campus will be closed. Since Dr. Wagner was tied up with important meetings yesterday (primarily dealing with academic matters) information was reported in the Patch without getting her actual statement. My statement that the decision was not final is the technical answer since that type of decision can be appealed to the Board of Education. A private citizen has requested this matter be placed on the School Board agenda so it will be discussed by the Board unless that same private citizen withdraws that request. The Board must consider the request and could theoretically reverse this decision and require that the painting schedule be changed. Since the painting and sand blasting needs to be done when the campus can be shut down, it is not likely to change. The School Board sets policy and depends on the Superintendent to insure that the day to day operations of the District follow policy. Dr. Wagner does this quite well. It is her job to oversee all aspects of the District operation including facility use. As we look at this issue, the policy will be considered to verify that Dr. Wagner has an appropriate basis for similar decisions she will have to make in the future.
Brenda Winner October 09, 2011 at 06:29 AM
then she should make her decisons about these thing without making lame remarks such as scantily clad women.
mark h. October 09, 2011 at 03:28 PM
Ed's up for re-election. Time to not reelect him. Remember ye Republicans who strongly believe in term limits. His time's up, isn't it? At leas it should be.
Matt October 10, 2011 at 08:03 AM
There are a number of narrow minded people who pull this in various areas. They know nothing about the subject and make assumptions based on stereotypes or something that their personal overly conservative prudish upbringing enstilled in them. They don't realize people who do it naturally are being role models of healhy living and quality nutrition... that there are grandfather's, Engineer's, Dentist's, mothers, etc. participating in these events. And they're very good-natured people in mostly all cases - when it's a drug-tested (steroids) show. Now an untested show crowd is a whole different story. Like night and day. But steroids don't belong in schools for sure so aside from the prude's ignorance shows that don't drug tests should not be allowed else it's like bringing drugs into the school.


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