Video: Monrovia JPL Scientist Sat Through '7 Minutes of Terror'

Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists had to wait 7 minutes to hear whether the complicated Mars Rover landing was successful. Here's why the touch down was so dramatic.

Monrovia's Jane Houston Jones, an astronomer with JPL, sat through the "7 Minutes of Terror" Sunday night as scientists waited to hear if the Mars Rover touched down on the red planet or crashed and burned.

"During the 7 minutes before the 7 minutes of terror - sitting in a room with JPL scientists and staff, and many members of the public, I played this over and over in my mind," Jones wrote on her Facebook page, referring to video explaining the extraordinary series of events that had to unfold perfectly for the rover to land properly.

Jones wrote Monday morning that she was "still awake" after the harrowing landing.

Here's the video explaining the remarkable process of the rover's landing.


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