Who's Stealing the Wires From Monrovia Traffic Lights?

The city reports some bizarre theft is taking place from traffic signals and other city property.

From the Monrovia city manager's weekly report:

Monrovia is experiencing recurring theft of expensive city property. During the past several months, the following items were reported as stolen and/or missing:

  • Wiring for the Traffic Signal Lights
  • Water Backflow device

The city of Monrovia’s field crew wears the city’s logo imprinted on their uniforms at all times while on duty. Therefore, if you suspect or witness anyone, other than city staff, engaged in any type of theft or suspicious activity after hours regarding city property such as those listed, but not limited to, please report to the Police Department immediately at (626) 256-8000. Your help is appreciated.

Gayle M. Montgomery July 27, 2012 at 09:53 PM
I don't remember where it was I was recently (but it couldn't have been too far because I don't drive that much), and I saw a street with wires across. At one end of the wires, there was this loop of electrical wire looped several times. Now I suppose those electricians who put it up knew what they were doing, but it seemed a waste, and it seemed an invitation for some jackass to try to help himself, get fried, and knock out the power for everyone else. Theft of metals is getting to be a really ugly thing. People get fried trying to steal it from electrical yards, precious statues have been absconded with and destroyed, and the really ugly demons are stealing metals from cemeteries. It's probably time to work the other end of the market and put pressure on those who legally purchase such materials to ensure they know where some of this stuff is coming from and/or to report sales out such that, if a fact pattern appears, it can be followed up with. Sad state of affairs.
Ellen Zunino July 29, 2012 at 01:22 AM
I wouldn't even attempt to id after-hours workers. My advice would be to just call the police. Public Works and the MPD (among other city departments) can communicate by radio. The police can quickly (and safely) check any work crew reported to them.


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