Finals Week: Best Places To Hit The Books In Monrovia

These are some places to check out if you need a change of scenery or venue while studying for finals.

With final exams scheduled to start Wednesday at , prime study spots will be filling up quickly.

Ideal conditions for studying can vary from person to person. Some people need an environment with lots of quiet, while others say they actually concentrate better if they head out to a café with their books or laptop.

Here’s a few places in Monrovia to consider checking out if you don’t want to sit at home while you’re studying for finals.


A table or study carrel alongside the wall could be your best bet if you want a minimum of noise and distractions. You might be able to quietly review material with a classmate at a table, and young adults also have a special section with tables, chairs and computers reserved for teens. The library also offers free wireless Internet, and the added bonus of having a librarian on hand to assist you with any library-related questions is an invaluable resource.

2. Local Cafes and Coffee Houses

If you feel you focus better with a buzz of activity in the background and want some refreshments to fuel your studying, a coffee house is ideal. With a caffeinated beverage in hand, you can review for final exams, and many cafes also offer free Wi-Fi. Tables—and in some cases, couches—are also ideal places to meet with study partners.

Some good places in Monrovia include , Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (on or ), Starbucks (one is located , and another is ), and . and also have tables and offer free Wi-Fi.

3. Parks

Are you a frugal student who has given up on lattes? If the Internet is too much of a procrastination tool, but the serenity of the outdoors helps you stay focused, a park can be an ideal place to study. Maybe you’ll want to camp out on a bench or bring a large blanket and spread out your books in a quieter spot at or . Whether you prefer to sit in the sunshine or under the shade of a large tree, you’ll also have plenty of room to stretch and walk around if you need to clear your mind a bit after cramming it full of information.

4. Laundromats

It might not be the first place to come to mind for studying, but local laundromats like and do have some benches or chairs where you can sit and read. If you already need to do some wash, this could be a good option, as long as you’re not too distracted by the noise of the machines and the television in the corner. You could also bring a friend from class and quiz one another on your notes as the laundry spins.

Whether you concentrate better in serene surroundings or amid a gentle buzz of activity, Monrovia has plenty of options to choose from if you decide to venture out of the house when you’re studying for finals.


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