Monrovia Unified School Board Picks Zucco for President

Both Zucco and Board Member Terrence Williams, who won election in November, also were sworn in during the annual reorganization meeting.

The Monrovia Unified School District Board of Education had its annual reorganization meeting Wednesday night, which included a swearing ceremony for elected board members Alex Zucco and Terrance Williams.

Zucco was elected by her fellow board members at the meeting to serve as board president.  

Ed Gililland will serve as vice president and Rob Hammond will be the board clerk.

Zucco issued the following statement about her selection as board president and her hopes for the coming year.

Our Board has a fairly typical “rotation” style of electing Board Members into leadership positions; it keeps the “politics” out of the process and insures everyone has a chance to lead. For our district, the Board President does not have any more power or influence than any other Board member – any Board member can have items placed on the agenda (or pulled) and have the opportunity to discuss important topics. For us, we usually have the Board President serve as our spokesperson, keep the meetings moving along and serve with the Superintendent as a liaison with the City to share information.

I appreciated having time to become familiar with how our Board works and being able to experience a number of different situations before landing this role. It was time I used to watch Mr. Rich, Mr. Gililland and Mr. Wong in the role and see what to expect, and they were all generous with their reasons behind doing certain things and what helped them in their role.

With all that said, I am really looking forward to this coming year with the addition of Mr. Williams and some new cabinet members: Darvin Jackson, Sue Kaiser, and Kathy Thorossian. It’s great to have such an amazing team in place to tackle all of the reforms, funding formulas and curriculum changes headed our way this year.


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