Bizarre List of Items Needed By Monrovia Death Racers

Two Monrovians who will be competing in the grueling Death Race in Vermont later this month will need to bring along some weird things.

Residents Daren de Heras and Yesel Arvizu will attempt to conquer what's billed as the world's most difficult endurance race later this month, and they won't be able to do it, of course, if they don't bring a live fish.

The in Vermont challenges participants to complete an intense, 48-hour obstacle course that tests mind and body, and each year racers are ordered by organizers to bring a list of strange items that will be used along the way. Previous contestants have had to bring $50 in pennies, an English to Greek dictionary, and a tree stump.

Well, this year's items have officially been announced, so here's the list of "screwball stuff" the duo will need to make it through the June 25 event:

1. Goggles
2. Dixon-Ticonderoga #2 Pencil
3. Hand Drill with 1/2 inch drill bit
4. Hand Saw
5. Tape Measure

6. Axe or Maul

7. 10’ section of climbing rope

8. One live fish

To learn more about the Death Race, visit their aptly named website: youmaydie.com


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