Blog: MHS Robotics Vying For Shot at World Championships

As we head into the LA Championships for perhaps the final robotics event of the season I asked each robotics teammate to repond to "What I'll carry with me from FIRST". Here is what I got.

This Saturday (3/2/2013) the Los Angeles FIRST® Technology Challenge (FTC) Robotics Championships will be held in the Event Center at Monrovia High School. This event is free and will be held along with a huge Science Expo and an Evening Star Party. The robotics tournament alone will serve over 500 local and regional robotics students for head-to-head robotic competition fun. See Kristin Fords Blog for more details.

Three MHS teams are competing against 44 other robotics teams for a chance to go to the World Championships. The MHS teams are the Deadbolts, the Suitbots and the Kings & Queens. You will know them by their large green and white robot carts splashed with the Monrovia “M”.

As we head into what will be for most teams the final event of the season, I wanted to give you (patch readers) a chance to hear the student’s voice. So I asked each to respond to the prompt “What I’ll carry with me from FIRST“. Here is what I got:

From FIRST, I will carry with me knowledge of Science, Engineering, Technology, Innovation, Self-Confidence, and Leadership that can be applied in daily life. (Fletcher, Sophomore, 2nd year on Suitbots)

There’s two parts to team work, the team and the work they accomplish. Everyone can do work but only a team can finish it. (Adam, Senior, 2nd year on Kings & Queens)

Robotics has changed my life. I’ve gained friends and knowledge. Because of FIRST I get the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things, and expand my technical knowhow. I’ve learned how to work and get along as a team. We, the Kings & Queens, have bonded over our shared love of robotics and engineering. I’m thankful for MHS Robotics because I’ve been presented with the chance to be myself with other people who will accept me and work towards a goal together. (Melissa, Sophomore, 1st year on Kings & Queens)

It’s a fun way to meet new people and learn about working on a project with a verity of others. It is all about ideas and sharing. (Brian, Senior, 3rd year on Deadbolts)

I have had the honor of being in robotics for 2 years, starting my Jr. Year of high school. While in robotics I learned new problem solving skills and discovered many new interests, such as learning computer programming. I also learned the importance of working as a team and about thinking outside of the box. I think the most thoughtful lesson that FIRST has taught me is to never stop creating and that even though you may have found one solution to a problem that shouldn’t stop you from trying to find another. (Claudia, Senior 2nd year on Deadbolts)

FIRST taught me that there are other ways to have fun without having to do a sport. I also made some new friends on the Suitbots. (Dante, Freshman, 1st year on Suitbots)

Robotics is life. (Amanda, Sophmore, 2nd year on Kings & Queens)

Robotics to me was the first step toward engineering. We are given a problem and are told to solve it. I learned what it means to be on a team. How to collaborate ideas and try them until you get to an idea that works. You cannot just focus on your idea; you must be flexible with others. You cannot wait to be told what to do; you must be proactive. (Daniel, Senior, 2nd year on Deadbolts)

Robotics is a way of expressing myself through robots. I’ve learned so much about robotics and gracious professionalism through FIRST. It’s been such a good learning experience and I’ve made great friends. (Nicole, Freshman, 1st year on Deadbolts)

FIRST taught me how to work on a team and collaborate with others. (Brian, Junior, 3rd year on Deadbolts)

Robotics to me is a means of escape from out boring lives. It is a time to bond and hangout with our friends. Although times can be strenuous and tense I know that I will probably never forget the times I’ve had here. (Marc, Senior, 1st year on Kings & Queens)

The MHS Robotics club gave me a chance to experience electrical, hardware, and software engineering-a chance that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The club also gave me the chance to work with a group to brainstorm and complete a task in order to succeed in competitions. Both these experience are extremely important to me because they will help me in my future whenever I work in a team as a college students and as and engineer. (Daniel, Senior, 2nd year on Kings & Queens)

Robotics to me is a place to have fun. To experiment with new things. And also to learn as you go along. Robotics is a school after school. (Taylor, Senior, 1st year Kings & Queens)

Robotics means to me teamwork and a type of determination. It’s a family where people care and share about what is truly important. (Juan, Senior 1st year Kings & Queens)

A few wires, some bolts, a couple wheels, and a bit of good old-fashioned ingenuity. Take these and abunch of kids, and you have yourself a semi-autonomous, fully operational robot that can pick up plastic rings and hang them from a 4 foot tall rack. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. (Ethan, Freshman, 1st year Deadbolts)

Come and check out for yourselves what happens when regular kids have the opportunity to do great things.

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Gigi Johnson February 25, 2013 at 03:14 PM
I am honored to have worked with these kids and look forward to Saturday. And many thanks to Tom Dobson for being an inspirational teacher to help make this happen.
Mary Ann Lutz February 25, 2013 at 05:55 PM
The Robotics program is the kind of program all of our Monrovia should get behind. It changes lives and give our youth the greatest knowledge and challenges! Congratulations to all of you involved!
JustMe March 05, 2013 at 04:57 AM
So, how did our MHS teams do on Saturday?
Tom Dobson March 05, 2013 at 04:58 PM
I have posted a blog with the results but it has not yet shown.


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